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The Ballad Of Me And My Friends

Way hey! One year on and i have officially accomplished a life goal; being away from the shores of Scotland for 365 days!(That’ll be a year for everyone who forgotten … Continue reading

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Singin’ In The Rain

It is no secret that the sun makes people happy and brings out the best in you.In Aberdeen the sun just needs to reach for his hat, and girls are … Continue reading

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Surviving Happy Hour

As i touched on in a previous entry,picking up glasses and cleaning up after drunk,annoying people at work is monotonous and soul destroying; a lethal cocktail that if taken in … Continue reading

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NEWS FLASH! A Scottish man was stopped on the way home,on a Brisbane bus today – for standing in ‘the red zone’.The incident happened at approximately 11pm, Queensland time and … Continue reading

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Call It A Monday

Being on your own on the other side of the world leaves you with a lot of time and energy(sometimes to much) to think,ponder and take in your surroundings. With … Continue reading

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Wild Strawberries

I’ve noticed the bus drivers in Brisbane seem to have some strange public service vendetta against myself. Most of the time, my daily journey to and from work goes without … Continue reading

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New Found Power

Its that time of the month again where i gather all of my random thoughts,bundle them up and lob them far away from my troubled brain. Of course this process … Continue reading

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